Importance Of Respect For Others

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Register to read the introduction… Respect for others means acknowledging each other, listening to other's opinions, their feelings, their time, and their personal space. It also means you should do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. From utilitarianism point of view, a moral action is an action that will bring the maximum happiness to most people. Respect for others will bring the happiness to people around us because it is essential to solve problems and reduce conflict. Respect others does not mean that one has to withdrew his or her own feelings, ideas, and opinions; on the contrary, when acting respectfully, we should not only openly express our own opinions, but also encourage otters do the same thing so that we will understand each other better and in a better position to solve problems and conflicts. However, we should pay attention to our manners, utilize our communication skills; and on the bottom line, we need to avoid intentionally hurting …show more content…
For example, we as students should hold academic integrity by not cheating in exams, not stealing or copying others’ ideas in writing without giving credits to them. In the business world, integrity means that an organization should be honest with its customers, investors, and other stakeholders; it should play fairly in market place. The good thing is integrity is something anyone can choose to have, rather than something that only some people are born with. As long as a person values integrity, he or she can learn to have integrity and act honestly, truthfully, and fairly in most …show more content…
Innovation is “the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by market, governments, and society.” Since innovation can improve our society in variety of context, it is a highly moral standard. Innovation helps us discover new things and invent new technology to give us more freedom and thus more happiness. It adds to the happiness of the society. Innovation is important because it gives us a chance to think differently from the way we have before, allowing us to probe and explore new possibilities that may improve our lives.
Being creative and innovative is thinking outside the box on many issues. It is challenging authority and figuring out why things are done in a certain way, as well as figuring out how we can improve upon our daily lives. It is being pro active about fixing problems and finding solutions so that we do not have to live our daily life complaining about the same old problems; instead, we can look to new solutions that can make our lives better and easier.
I also value integrity, which is doing the right thing. This is my real most important value because I consider it the foundation of achieving a better

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