Essay on Importance Of Relational Practice For Nursing

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Letting be It is my personality to have a desire to fix things, so the concept of letting be does not come particularly easily to me. Doane & Varcoe, (2015) state that the concept of “letting be” is one of the most essential skills of relational practice in nursing. Throughout the communication I had with my friend I found myself always wanting a solution. I always wanted to try different alternative therapies to assist her in moving forward. I wanted her to open up to me so I could sew up her painful mental and emotional wounds. I wanted to tape her confidence, self worth and self esteem back together. I wanted to remove the pain and anguish from her eyes, the heaviness from her heart and transpose a fresh smile and outlook on her. Unfortunately it was not that easy. I had to work on taking a step back and letting things unfold the way they were meant to. This is a skill I am striving to become better at through continuously challenging myself to give each situation I am placed in some space, which will overall improve my relational practice.
Perception Checking I often used the tool of perception checking throughout this interaction. I found myself trying to make educated assumptions and clarifying for a better understanding or more information. Perception checking is an instrument that if used properly allows us to fully understand and clarify things with others before assuming first (Adler et al., 2012). I constantly found myself interpreting her…

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