Importance Of Reflection In Health Care

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Reflective Practice

Barbara Mullin

This essay is going to explain the importance of reflection and reflective practice in the healthcare sector. Reflective is deemed by many organizations such as to be an essential characteristic for competence. It is believed that reflection and reflective practice acknowledges that changes are sometimes needed as well as commitment from the healthcare workers to ensure that the learning part of the process is achieved. Reflection and reflective practice are commonly used as a learning structure within the healthcare profession. The ability to become reflective in practice has become a necessary skill for healthcare professionals. This is to ensure that healthcare professionals are continuing to learning
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By reflecting it overall improves the care that is given to the patient and will identify any training issues within this sector. Reflection is something we routinely do throughout our career and personal lives. People use it to either get better at something or not to make the same mistakes in the future as they have previously had. There are many models of reflection that can be used in the healthcare profession. Gibbs.(1988) asserts that by using the Gibb 's cycle model of reflection is that to ask the health care professional to paints a picture of the event and then to describe it adding thoughts and emotions to it. Then add any good or bad experiences to it. The healthcare professional must then analyze the situation to uncover any new findings or to confirm the current situation. The healthcare professional must understand could changes have been done to achieve a better outcome and finally to complete an action …show more content…
Notice the strengths and weaknesses and identified which areas need improvements on. It encourages the reflective practice by asking questions at each stage. Another model that is used frequently in the healthcare sector is Rolfe reflective model which is three very short questions what? So what? Now, what? The three element in this model consistently questions the professional to have a deep understanding of their behavior and patterns which will eventually move forward into an action plan says Rolfe et al 's. (2001) Reflective practice is about an experience and then be able to reflect on it which becomes a continuous cycle of feelings and evaluating the experience on which you go through know as ERA cycle (experience, reflection, and action). By using ERA system, it builds confidence and helps to have more proactive healthcare professionals. I personally feel that the Gibbs model is a good reflective practice model to use as it breaks it down into smaller sections which enable me to see where and when I did something good or bad and be able to move forward. If I was to use the rolf 's model I would struggle with

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