Professional Interpersonal Communication Analysis

Professional Interpersonal Communication
Rodney Thomas Sr.
Western International University
Human Relations and Communication
Mollie Surgine
December 4, 2017 Professional Interpersonal Communication
This paper is an analysis based on the function in communications involving two teams. The first team is team A which is a team made up of members who refuse to meet project deadlines and show respect for the role of leadership with in a team setting. This is a team who is plagued with distractions and loses focus of the objectives that includes being on time for team meetings. Other problems include distractions of using cell phones in meetings and ignoring the importance of leadership addressing agendas and projects for
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To improve team A there has to be a plan in place to correct the wrongs so that the members can be motivated to be productive with the communication skills and principles it takes for that to take place. One thing to keep in mind is that collaboration is inherently more time consuming than non- collaboration. To foster team A inabilities, members need to list contact information, work that needs to be completed and project documents while keeping all in a perspective. For either of these teams to be effective in their communicating efforts, there are some requirements of social …show more content…
These types of skills are some of the most important skill that will be needed for team and leadership success. In analyzing both team A and team B one is more complete as a team and focuses on the leader’s instructions while maintaining good group communications. Team A is lacking these important skills which deny them the appropriate behavior as a team. The leadership position concerning members does not show strength or does it reveal that the leader have control over team projects. There is no respect for the speaker which members are at times talking all at once. There is no positive feedback and no responsibility among group members for completing work. In contrast team B is structured under the leadership which allows members to decide on the context of a project and shared opinions. The leader is well pleased that the members are meeting deadlines and showing up for meetings as scheduled. Communication is satisfactory and, messages are clear and concise. Not having good relation skills gives a team a form of being dysfunctional while having inadequate communication skills to be productive in their

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