Interpersonal Communication: Reflective Analysis

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In this class we have discussed a few different ways of looking at interpersonal communication, these include the relational, quality, goal and social media lens. For the first part of my paper I plan on explaining why I prefer the relational over the quality lens. Following that part I will discuss how the social media lens has impacted my life, concerning romantic relationships. I find the relational lens discussed in Chapter 1 of the Floyd textbook is more inclusive and can describe more of the different types of interpersonal communication when compared to the quality lens. Both of these lenses describe interpersonal communication as communication between two people. Both lenses also agree that the communication that takes place between the people involved in the interpersonal communication has the power to change the relationship whether for better or worse. Where it differs is when it comes to the classification of what is actual interpersonal communication. With the relational lens, conversations between two people is useful because it “helps them to negotiate and define their relationship” (Floyd, 2011, p. 22). With the quality lens there are distinctions made between impersonal and interpersonal communication. Stewart describes …show more content…
When I have a conversation with someone I am looking to make a connection with that person. Even if the person is a stranger I am willing to “evolve” our relationship into something more than just strangers (Floyd, 2011, p.22). This view of communication may come from my bringing up, and making conversation with complete strangers when traveling or waiting in a line. If I were to have a conversation such as this and looked at this conversation through a quality lens, this interaction would be closer to the impersonal side of the

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