Interpersonal Communication Module Analysis

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My first module entry consisted of Interpersonal Communication. I find this the most important because communication starts any conversation. I believe as a leader I have used interpersonal communication to my advantage but at other times it has been my biggest down fall. One of my drawbacks is that I do not self-monitor at times nor do perception check myself. This was evident during my time here in the group sessions. I plan to work on developing myself earlier than 3 to 5 years because I may become a Military Training Instructor. I do not want to wear my emotions on the outside. I plan to ensure that I will self-monitor because it will help improve my interaction skills with personnel. Instead of not saying anything at times I will …show more content…
At times I find it hard to ensure I take on changes with a positive attitude. I want to ensure I continue to tap into the three elements of adaptability. Cognitive Flexibility requires me to tap into three things: scan the environment, develop an understanding, and creates strategies. For my emotional flexibility I want to understand and manage my emotions, connect with others, emotional engagement, and balance emotions. Connecting with my dispositional flexibility I want to have optimism, support, and self-identify tendencies. As a leader I have used these concepts but I need to ensure I expand on them. If I continue to work on cognitive, emotional, and dispositional flexibility over the next 3 to 5 years I will be able to connect with personnel on a personal level. This will help with the perception of being a good leader and that I am understanding. I feel that these actions for my subordinates will give them a sense of appreciation for their personal and professional relationships. My peers will hopefully tap into these concepts as well and it will help them connect with their troops. If my supervisor see these actions they know that the flight is healthy and able to accomplish the mission with minimal …show more content…
The FAIR Way model helps ensure you can work in a diverse environment with positive outcomes. The FAIR Way can be broken down by each letter. For is for Feedback, A is for Assistance, I is for Inclusion, and R is for Respect. I plan to use this model in the next 3 to 5 years in the following way. Feedback, I will ensure I let my personnel know how to meet expectations. I will make sure to assist my personnel with better managing their lives outside of work so they can be both mentally and physically ready to do the job. I know that if I include all personnel to accomplish the mission they will feel as a part of the team. Lastly, respect is important to make a safe and working environment. I want my personnel to see me as a accepting person of all backgrounds and they feel they are part of the unit. I know by leading the FAIR Way my subordinates will feel they are included. If my peers follow the same I believe they would build a strong work center. My leadership will see I am including everyone and valuing feedback and fostering respect amongst

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