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Teaching is one of the most important professions in this society. While the profession is not as highly regarded as doctors or engineers, teachers bear the responsibility to educate and inspire the next generation. Due to the experiences I had with my teachers, I was inspired to become an ELA teacher in order to promote inclusiveness in the classroom. My purpose here at UTRGV is to become a successful English teacher, and I have set a variety of professional goals in order to accomplish this.
My inspiration for pursuing a teaching career stems from the experiences I had with my teachers. Throughout my childhood, I constantly changed my future career; however, I always knew that I love the school environment. A particular teacher, Mr. Torres,
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The English BA degree is a total of 126 credit hours, and I will have to complete all the required courses from the English and Education department. In order to be certified, I must take the TExES exam in the fall semester of my senior year. I will have to attend a TExES workshop and then pass a benchmark in order to prove that I am prepared for the exam. After passing the TExES exam, I will have to do student teaching in the spring semester of my senior year and work with my mentor teacher. Beyond earning the required degree and certification, I plan on working at Harmony Public Schools as an ELA instructor. I currently work at Harmony Science Academy Brownsville as a teacher’s aide under the Grow Your Own Teacher program. The GYOT program allows me to earn valuable classroom experience by working with middle school students, and in turn, I receive financial assistance with my tuition. Once I graduate, I will have to teach full-time for HPS for three years to complete a service period. After three years of teaching, I plan on becoming a National Board Certified teacher. This certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers such as: enhancing professional marketability, advancing student learning and achievement, and receiving bonus stipends. I will have to pay a $1,900 fee, complete a portfolio

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