Finite Math Class Reflection

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I have learned many things from the process that I have went through when I was informed that I plagiarized a discussion post in my Finite math class. I am a person who cherishes my reputation and I feel like it really put a strain on the way Mrs. Copeland will look at me as a student and a person. I have learned many things from this and throughout this paper I will describe those experiences. Through many long nights and having thoughts race throughout my head I am glad that I have learned from this and will never repeat what has happened. Keeping this in mind I would suggest to any student that was in the same shoes as me just be truthful and honest. I was truthful with Mrs. Copeland from the beginning and that’s what I think will help me …show more content…
I know that copying, referencing and revising is an act of plagiarism even though you may think that it is not. I have learned that using someone else’s words even though it may be the perfect answer is not right or ethical. Committing this act of dishonesty is something that I never planned on doing and something that I will never commit again. From now on I will always plan on citing sources the right way. Like I referenced early in the paper that it is always best to check with your teacher even though you may think it is one hundred percent okay. There are several websites out there that will help you make sure that you do not commit plagiarism or any other form of cheating. Academic Integrity is really important to Western Michigan because it helps keep the university free of cheating and helps promote a healthy learning experience for everyone. It is also really important to me because I would not want to go to a college where everyone plagiarizes and cheats. It would make attending college pointless. Academic Integrity is so important to me because I know if I follow it I will continue to succeed at Western Michigan

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