Importance Of Organizational Motivational Plan

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1) Organizational motivational plan is the next big thing after the business plan execution; it assures that organization stays the course towards achieving its goals and plans. Workforce of the company is the engine that keeps it alive and moving, hence it is very important to set up employee motivational plan. With a successfully executed motivational plan organization boosts high moral in the workplace, and that leads to the appreciation of employer, thus employee also feel appreciated and needed. To build a successful incentive program management should try to focus on rewarding the activities where both; organization and individual are benefiting from. Below are six factors that are completing good motivational plan:
1. Identifying behaviors
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What is culture and why is it so important to the organization? The reason why is because culture affects business success and responsible for a failure. For example, cultures that are not aligned with corporate strategy can lead to Decreased loyalty, a lack of motivation, and high employee turnover are the result of corporate strategy unaligned with corporate culture. Where is in the cultures with a healthy and strong corporate structure increased productivity, greater understanding of corporate goals present as result of a sense of purpose to employees, unlike it is with a “Woo-Woo” …show more content…
They are work teams, problem solving teams, self-functional teams, cross-functional teams, and virtual teams. To understand differences between them I will outline the main criteria of these team structures. Work Team – is a permanent team where all the members have specific skills to perform day to day task, our case study is the great example of such a team. Problem Solving Team – is a temporary team that comes together in order to solve a specific problem the issue is resolved the team is disband. The example of such a team is our assignment project. Self-Managed Team – is teams where members are supplied with a decision-making power, and are trained to perform others team member’s tasks. Example would be food market employees. Cross Functional Team – is a team that comes together to solve a specific problem, a member acquires different skill sets, and example of these would be a launch and landing of a space shuttle. Virtual Team – is a team where its members are geographically dispersed, communication occurs via video meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. These teams are very effective in transportation, gas-oil, and call centers

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