Tata Consultancy Services Case Study

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is amongst top 10 leaders in the global technology marketplace providing information technology (IT) service, consulting and business solutions. It was established in 1968 as a subsidiary of Tata Group. TCS got incorporated as a separate entity in 1995. It has its headquarters at Mumbai, Maharashtra, and operated in 46 countries.
Based on its record of outstanding services, innovation, collaborative partnerships and corporate responsibility, TCS stands as largest IT services firm in Asia today. According 2013 revenue reports TCS is the largest India-based IT services company. It is also amongst Big 4 valuable IT brands in the world. With around 300,000 IT consultants, it
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It is one of the most important building blocks of a strong organisation. Every organisation has its unique culture and it is a major differentiation point when we compare one organisation to other. The visible artefacts like the dressing, power control, hierarchy Culture defines the shared beliefs, values, and norms, attitudes which company lives and breathe through every day. It also includes unseen yet felt part of organisation. It has a major influence on the employees, their ways of thinking and working.
When understanding the culture at Tata Consultancy Services, the major point which comes out is that it reflects highly ethical culture as all other companies in the Tata Group. The culture at TCS is at two levels: one at organisation level and one project or work specific. Further to understand in detail we need to dwell on how they address two critical functions – Internal Integration & External Adaptation.
External Adaptation means how organisation deals and meets goals with outsiders and clients. TCS gives high regard to the customer requirements, needs, and
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• Open door Policy: Low boundaries between management and associates with easy accessibility and openness.
• On the job learning: Dedicated learning management team to facilitate trainings and development programs along with work.
• Global Family Identity: Providing support, nurturing and encouraging environment like a family.
Stories are narratives of true happenings and events which employees share among them. These stories and myths actually act as agent which create a mental picture of kind of environment the organisation has.
One such collection of stories and memories was published by Vice Chairman S. Ramadorai under the title ‘TCS Story and Beyond’. It gives an insight to 40 plus years of journey the company has.

ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Well defined organisation structure acts crucial in Change management and operational efficiency. These structures provide a view of flow of information in the organisation, the ease of accessibility amongst the employees and how highly involved they are in decision

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