Importance Of My Story Corps

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When entering this English 101 course, I did not know what to expect. I knew the course was going to be a lot of writing and work, but I would be able to get through it. A nervousness did fall over me while I started my first writing assignment. I knew I had a lot of improvement to do when it came to writing essays. I soon realized that college essays were nowhere near what someone would find in a high school setting. I soon came to the realization that I had very many issues throughout my writing. For example, grammar was a huge problem throughout my text. I remember getting told by my professor that I needed to work on this matter. I also had fallen into becoming a procrastinator my second semester of college. Pushing my homework and assignments …show more content…
. Also, I did receive comments from my professor saying that I used great description throughout my essays, and my reader was able to clearly imagine what I was trying to imply or picture. My Story Corps essay was the most challenging out of all the formal work. I did not know to how clearly state what I was trying to get across to my reader. One downside I made in this paper was not putting it through a grammar checking website. Not doing so hurt the grade I got on the paper dramatically. Unlike the This I Believe essay, my Story Corps writing had a weaker introduction. I receive more notes saying that the beginning of the essay will have a hard time drawing in readers. However, the last two formal writing assignments in my English course was the annotated bibliography and the research paper. These last two pieces of work were my best out of all the formal work. Even though there will still minor problems such as structuring and a relevant title, there were very few issues with these papers. What I learned from both my successful and failures in my writing, is to pay close attention, and always to use a grammar checking

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