Community Service Personal Statement Examples

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My service and leadership has not only given me experiences I will cherish for a lifetime, but has also enabled me to become an advocate for others and to promote issues that are of importance. In my school my leadership has helped bridge gaps between people. One example of how I accomplish this is with the Cultural Awareness Club I initiated. As a result of the club, my peers consider our school to be more inclusive of them and our student body more accepting of diversity. The outlook of the club is that people who are immigrants or who have culture at home feel believe they are less discriminated against; these individual consider our student body to be one that values inclusivity. Additionally, others who aren’t from a cultural background …show more content…
I will accomplish this goal by becoming a councilwoman for whichever city I end up residing in; in this position I will use my influence and power to help others by representing them and their issues. I will strive to shed light on issues and opinions that are not as widely supported as others like immigration reform and universal health care. Altruism has become one of my main values as I am eager to make a difference in the world of medicine through social mindfulness and charity. My biggest aspiration is to become a sports medicine physician and use this position to better the lives and health of individuals. In addition, I wish to use my career to continue serving others both globally and locally. I will impact my local community through my work as a physician, including my volunteering efforts and research, while l will make an impact globally by traveling back to Nigeria and holding clinics to provide free basic healthcare to villagers. Additionally, I hope to help develop a better healthcare system there and in neighboring West African countries. Likewise, I wish to continue mentoring youth; I believe that the firmest investment that can be made is in the future, our youth. Therefore, I yearn to volunteer in many organizations that specifically target youth and empower them to perform service or engage in a career. From pursuing these aspirations, I feel that I will have shaped my community and the world in the best way I

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