Johaler Reflection

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Enrolling and completing Jo Boaler’s class was definitely life changing for me. Before completing this course I always hated math and would always say I was very bad at it. This course made me realize to be more open minded when it comes to math and subjects I dislike. This course taught me that anyone can achieve their goals as long as we set our mind to it.
I liked how this course used real life examples of how math is used in the real world. I liked this because I always thought that the math I would learn in school I would never use in the real world. I was wrong. For example, I learned math is used when spiders make an orb web, a set of patterns are also used in a snowflake, math is even used when dancing. One of the things I disliked
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I plan to apply Jo Boaler’s ideas when I’m teaching because I know I can change the mindset of those students who thought the same I did. One of the ideas I will apply in my class are writing positive comments on my students homework and test. I plan to do this because I know it will make a huge impact to them. I want them to know that as their teacher I believe in them and I want them to have my support. Like Jo Boaler, I plan to incorporate the many different ways that math is used in the real world. I believe this is important to incorporate while teaching math because it allows students to actually see how math is used in our everyday lives. It gives them another reason to why they need to learn math. Another idea that I one day hope to be able to share with my own students is that in order to be good in math you don’t need to be fast at solving math problems. It’s actually best to be able to solve and understand the problem completely than be able to just solve it within seconds. I plan to share this with students because many people believe, that in order to be good at math or any other subject you need to be fast at solving problems however that is not the

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