Importance Of My Life

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I have been through a lot in my life before I started college. The number one thing that has impacted my life would be the tornado’s that hit Alabama on April 27, 2011 because, that was when my life turned upside down and I lost everything I owned. When I lost everything that I had worked hard for up until that day is what has made me realize that if I want to be able to have certain things again I will have to work just has hard. I am initially motivated to start because of my son, my dreams, and my partner. My mom, a good paying job, and also a long- term goal is what will motivate me to keep going and graduate. Throughout my course work I plan to stay motivated by just looking at my son and knowing that my partner is doing this with me. …show more content…
When I was in Ninth grade I took a computer class even though it was the basic things that we learning for instance, Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel, and typing more efficiently I realized that I had a thing for computers and was the one with the highest grades in the class and I also took a robotics class as well and that was the first time I had to write a program. After my computer class and robotics class I realize that I wanted to do something that was computer related and I knew then that I would have to write programs because, I knew that programs was what the computer needed in order to do the things we are able to do now. That was when my dream of being a computer engineer came alive. My son motivates me because, I want to be able to provide him with everything that he needs and also to show him that if he puts his heart and mind into something then he can achieve whatever dreams he wants to have and that the sky is the limit. I want my son and my future kids to be able to have what they want and need. My partner is another reason for motivation because, I see him going after his dream and providing for me and our son. I want to see him happy and not have to be the only one providing for us. I want to help out with the bills and get things for him that he enjoys to collect or likes to do. My motivation to graduate college is completing a long-term

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