Personal Statement: My Interest In Computer Science

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1. What developed your interest in computer science? How will the EP program support your future goals?

My passion for computer science did not develop because of a single occurrence, but rather it grew steadily over a period of several years. My introduction to programming came in elementary school when my sixth grade teacher set aside time each week to teach the class basic programming concepts using JavaScript. I am grateful for this early exposure because individuals from other schools, such as my cousins, did not have this opportunity. I attribute these lessons to my current interest in technology because they inspired me to continue coding during my spare time.

By the time I reached high school I became very eager for my
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Tell us about a time you’ve used your strongest coding language. Please go into detail about your experience using this technical language (for example project, competition, website).

My strongest language is Java. I have honed these programming skills through a combination of computer science courses and self-teaching. In addition to the language itself, I have experience with several libraries, most notably Java Swing, LibGDX, and Slick2D, and I have started learning the ins and outs of Android development during my spare time. In Java I have completed several projects, both for course culminating assignments and for recreation:

My final project for grade 10 computer science was a blackjack game. In class I learned how to create GUIs using Java Swing, and I decided to apply this knowledge to create a card game. I value this project because it was my first experience of programming on a team, and the knowledge I gained from it has served me during the team projects I have completed
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This summer I built the classic puzzle game Bejeweled, and abstract strategy games English Draughts and Chess. I did this because I am a big fan of all three of these games, and I wanted to challenge myself by implementing the game logic. Also during the summer I started learning android. The app that I built that I am most proud of is a calculator that works in sixty different numeral systems from base 2 to base 62. I started the project making a calculator that uses hexadecimal instead of decimal, but then I decided to expand the project by introducing more bases using the characters 0-9, a-z and A-Z. I am interested in doing more android development in the future.

3. The EP program is committed to increasing diversity within the technology industry. Why do you feel having a diverse workforce is important and what can Google do to further this goal in technology?

In essence, diversity is about embracing the immutable traits that exist in all individuals. Every person is unique. We all experience the world differently based on our age, family structure, gender expression, culture, and a multitude of other characteristics that we draw from during our day to day lives. These traits are fundamental because they impact our decisions, our opinions, and our perception of the outside

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