Importance Of My Graduation Day

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This was one day that I wish I could relive. It is not often that I get to see my family, so having them all together to see me walk across the stage was a great feeling. I felt a sense of accomplishment because this was my first stepping stone into my adulthood, and I had all of my family there telling me how proud they were of me. Being around all of my friends was also a great feeling because these were the people I spent my last 4 years of high school with and it felt good to be graduating with my friends. I wish that I could go back to my graduation day because it was an ideal day for me.
On my graduation day I was elated because I had all of my family together. It is not often that all of my family gets together, especially coming from a broken home. I was overjoyed that my parents could put aside their differences and come together and be there to support and watch their only child walk across the stage. I have not seen my parents together since I was a baby, and it made me happier that they were both there together supporting me. Another reason why I do not see my family often is because most of them live far away from
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I was surrounded by family and friends that entire day, all I kept hearing was how proud everyone was of me. In addition to the encouraging words, were many gifts. I received a very expensive watch, tons of gift cards, and many flowers and balloons. Also another reason why I felt a sense of accomplishment when I graduated was because I struggled a bit in high school, with classes such as math and science. I went to many tutoring sessions and they helped me a lot. With all the difficult classes that I took on in high school, I felt proud of myself that I conquered all of the classes, although I needed the help from tutors. Having family and friends tell me how proud of me they were was great, but feeling proud of myself was the best

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