Importance Of My Experience In Literature

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As I can remember, I had always hated English Arts when I was younger. I had despised the classes, despite my natural talent for spelling and interpreting rules of the language. I had never enjoyed them perhaps of the the meticulous grammar rules or the unsurmountable amount of exceptions to every rule. This all changed however, during my sophomore year of high school. I had low expectations of myself for another literature class, given that I had failed semester one of the previous class during freshman year. The sophomore class was much more writing based, comparatively to the reading-based freshman class. This was the first class where I was able to discover myself as a writer. Ever since I became enthusiastic about my writing during …show more content…
When revising or editing a paper, I am able to rip it apart, revamping the central idea of the paper to even nitpicking small grammar and structure. This is very obvious in my TED Talk review, when I review a TED Talk about equality given by Bryan Stevenson. After he gives the audience a call of action to be courageous, I say this, “I found this call to action to be very vague and uninteresting. Stevenson should have gave specific examples as of what he would like the community to do, but instead gave a generic statement.” Then, further into the paper, he addressed another small point that was relating to his topic, and I commented with this, “This is one of the many times he has bounced around from topic to topic, making several points with more room for interpretation rather than elaboration.” This strength of mine also helps me while I conduct revisions on my own papers. I am able to step out of my own mind as I reread my papers, allowing me to analyse them with complete objectivity. This also allows me to be a more effective reviewer for my peers, increasing the quality of their papers, or giving them new ideas at the very

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