Importance Of Men And Women In The Workplace

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My hypothesis is that men and women, although should be treated equally, ultimately in the end are not. Women continue to face many different types of obstacles like stereotyping, equality, bullying and the constant conflict of trying to prove that you as a woman can do the job just as well as men. As women move up the hierarchy, the more intense the obstacles. The Glass Ceiling is a phrase or a hypothesis that refers to the barriers that women face in achieving power and success equal to that of men in the workplace as they climb to the top. Gender based discrimination in the workplace is a problem that is targeted towards women. Equality in the workplace is a barrier that women struggle to break through.
Men are not the only problem that women can and will be presented within the workplace, other women can also be a contributing factor to not being treated equally at work. Studies have shown that successful women are holding other women back from receiving promotions that will help them reach the top. Women are treated unfairly in the workplace with no solution in sight by barriers that men have created to keep women from success both with promotions and financially. There seems to be a double standard in the workplace, women seem to be
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It seems that no matter how many women enter the work force, they are still not treated equally in career advancement. Holding women back from advancing in their career is pretty obvious at this point in time. This supports that men continue to be treated differently than women in the workplace which is not right on any level. Even the most educated women with years of experience are still not being promoted, while their male counterparts are. “In order for women to have a chance of advancing they must work twice as hard as men do” (Michailidis, M. P., Morphitou, R. N., & Theophylatou, I. I., 2012, p

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