Importance Of Listening Skills

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This chapter presents several topics related to the study. Those are background of the study, formulation of research problem, objective of the research, scope and delimitation of the study, significance of the study and definition of key terms.
Language is an instrument to address and understand idea, reason, feeling, either in orally or written. Apparently many people are also interested to learn language. Listening is one of four language skills, and it also called as receptive skill. In receptive skill, students get knowledge from listening and listening forms which is delivered by the audio and audio visual media and it depends on hearing. No one can deny the importance of listening skills in foreign language learning, because
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Listening skills is foundational to the development of other language skills and listening purpose should be provided in the instruction and definition of purpose are enables the listener to listen selectively for significant informa¬tion. Learning Listening seems like it should be simple, or secondary to other more active language skills. The fact that many of new learners, listening to a foreign language is get difficult furthermore many students sit for a second language test, find that the listening section is almost always be the hardest, but listening is a vital skill for language learning because listening process involves five stages: receiving, understanding, evaluating, remembering, and responding. If we are failure on one of the stages it means that we will fail in learning Listening process, because active listening is a particular communication technique that requires the listener to provide feedback on what he or she hears to the speaker and without being able to listen and understand what has been said, it is impossible to take a meaningful part in most conversations. The same claim was supported by Rost (1994) who confirmed that listening is vital in language classrooms, because it provides input for learners. As an input skill, listening plays a crucial role in students’ language …show more content…
In addition, students may face other problems, namely: The Length of a spoken text which can distract their concentration, inefficient memory, learning habit, unclear pronunciation, and speed of delivery. (underwood, 2000, and lynch,2009) It is similar to what other experts claim that there many factors can influence the success of learning Listening, such as: The teacher, the learner, and difficulties lesson. To conclude, it is shown that the difficulty faced by students in learning English comes from their listening. Problems in listening lesson are; less hear in English, vocabulary, difficult material, unknown words, unclear pronunciation, and speed delivery are quite dominant.
Based on those considerations, I would like to investigate problems that are dominant in English department faced by the students in learning listening 2. The concentration of this research will be about Listening skill, and I would entitle these students’ major problems in learning

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