Ethical Leadership Reflection

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The leadership plans that I composed are a personal development of the primary views of fulfilling my visions and formulate goals over the next two years. In former years I attended junior college, accumulating over a hundred and thirty credit hours towards an associate degree. Afterward, returning to college with a vision and goals of finishing my undergraduate degree. Even though there were several obstacles that I faced like working and going to school with a disability which presented serious health problems and limitation of not completing the task earlier with former peers.
Therefore, the achievement of this goal of completion will be a personal gain in my growth. In short, the accomplishment of this target should occur in winter 2017
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Consequently, in this occupation that I obtain it will present opportunities to utilize and evaluate my leadership abilities disposing of my strength and weakness. To illustrate my strength is critical thinking, this skill will assist in enhancing my ability to remain open-minded when forming treatment plans or intervention. With this purpose in mind, it will also permit that I use empathy at this time as a leader, ignoring my feelings and understanding the feelings of others.
Above all, in this profession of Human Services it vital for a leader to exhibit ethical leadership for clients, especially having a strong character. By having ethical leadership skills will strengthen my ability to influence other to do the correct thing while enhancing their lives. I am convinced that through aiding others provides a person experience learning conceptual skills and practices, increasing the positive outcome for clients. However, a notification of my weakness revealed by a survey from the leadership ability questionnaires from the book title, introduction to
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Coexisting with other give us a chance to observe the strong traits of others and follow their pattern to become an effective leader. I learn that everyone one can be a leader. Therefore, my goal is to continue to build the leadership skills through listening, handling conflicts, overcoming obstacles and building relationships. Working in the community as a Social Worker will develop these gifts.
One limitation of leadership I would need to monitor is simple task situation in completing paperwork in a timely matter. So that clients will receive service in the expected time I will use different techniques reminders poster pads, alarm clocks and involve a coworker.
The insight that I gain is creating a vision and setting goals a person are likely to carry out the goals. Later, understanding that obstacles can confront a person while finishing that task and what solution have they put in place. Lastly, a person that exhibited leadership ability can lead all concepts will be applied to work and personal area in

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