Leadership Application Essay Examples

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The most important goal in my life is to become an inspiring leader who positively impacts my family, friends, and community. The absolute means to accomplish this goal are not readily or easily defined, but the course of action in my college career I am choosing to take is through the school of business. In the business program I will have multiple opportunities to meet equally driven individuals, develop leadership qualities, and become an active ambassador around the world. By being an educated, involved, and driven citizen, I can help motivate others to explore their own hidden potentials and talents that can be utilized for greater purposes. The multiple activities I have participated in throughout my life have cultivated that awareness and instilled a strong desire to lead others for the greater good. Holding leadership positions in Student council, National Honor Society, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes for numerous years, along with horseback riding, basketball, and rigorous academic coursework have prepared me for the journey into becoming a successful and effective leader.
Since childhood, I have raised and ridden horses on a regular basis. Competing in the rodeo arena and qualifying for the High
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I hope to continue to grow and develop these leadership qualities in the McCombs School of Business. Along the way, I would like to actively participate in improving the lives of those around me and help make this world a better place to live in the process. Every ounce of education I receive will be put to use in achieving goals for greater purposes, and each purpose will be sought after with the same grit and determination that has allowed me to find some measure of success on many levels in my life to this

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