Intermediate Leadership Experience Examples

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My time at the Intermediate Leadership Experience (ILE) has been a great experience. I arrived hoping to learn from more experienced Technical Sergeants. I do not currently supervise anyone and I have only supervised one Airmen in my career. The ILE course has allowed me to take in experiences from my peers, thus, broadening who I am and who I will be. Currently, I am assigned to a flying position in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and I do not directly supervise anyone. The leadership opportunities I do have are task oriented. I am currently a Management by Exception-Passive leader. It was recommended that I take the role to be the component evaluator at the end of the year, where I will have 35 international airborne …show more content…
A concept I am going to apply is the Deliberate Development Plan or DDP concept. A big piece of happiness is doing what you want to do. To make my subordinates feel productive I am going to make DDPs for them. I am going to diagnose their team role and cognitive preference, as well as take into consideration their time in service, time in grade, training status and goals and aspirations. With this information I am going to recommend additional and special duties that will develop them to be better leaders, followers, and warriors.
Another way I am going to improve my leadership effectiveness is creating a culture of excellence. I am going to use the Discipline Model Arena of Prevention concept. I am going to start by ensuring every one of my subordinates has clear standards. I am going to lead by example and hold myself to the same standards I expect of them. I am going to hold them to the set standards, which will eventually foster a climate of
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I am going to demonstrate Individualized Consideration with my use of the Discipline Model Arena of Prevention by giving them set standards and the ability to exceed expectations. I am going to give my subordinates Intellectual Stimulation with the additional and special duties I recommend for them to grow. I am going to focus on Inspirational Motivation with my use of the Three Elements of Adaptability showing my Airmen that is possible to be prepared and to stay positive through change. With my effective negotiations and leading by example, I am going to demonstrate Idealized

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