Importance Of Game Activities In Classroom Teaching

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Game activities in English classroom teaching
The new English curriculum standard suggests that the purpose of English teaching in primary school is to cultivate students’ interest in English. Game teaching conforms to the psychological characteristics of elementary students, which is conducive to the students’ physical and mental development. The game should not be “trick” but the bridge between learning and using in the class(Zhang Zhiyuan,2002).
Primary school students love playing, singing, drawing, all full of curiosity. Teachers can, according to students’ nature, design various forms of games. Games involve many features: rules, competition, relaxation, as well as learning, in particular. Cesar Klauer summarizes the characteristics
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This approach advocated to associate language with actions, teaching language through the body. It is able to grab the attention of students quickly, attract students to participate in activities, let them practice studying English in the immersive experience.
TPR activities can be done in the whole class, also can be done by a team or individual. That is, teachers give orders and pupils respond with actions. Children are eager to speak and act when they hear teachers say something, which is a way to speed up learning process. Usually students are willing to repeat the actions as they respond to the orders like “touch your nose, raise your arm, and stamp your feet(Zhou Xiaomin,2008).” So in primary schools, especially in lower grades, this game will not only help children understand the language that they will learn, but also conform to their active
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This is not only the new curriculum standard for primary school English classroom teaching, but also the demand for the development of students’ physical and mental health. From the analysis of curriculum characteristic, as long as students shift the attitude from “ask me to learn” to the status of “I want to learn”, it can produce a better learning effect, and teaching efficiency is therefore can be much improved. In addition, the English education games can also provide a vivid language learning environment, which can make up for the “single resources” defect of traditional classroom teaching curriculum. From the perspective of game application’s value analysis, game application in English teaching has a unique advantage. At the same time, how to apply English education game to achieve the best effect in classroom teaching, and whether existing some shortcomings of English games are worthy of our in-depth discussion(Sun

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