Importance Of First Impressions

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First impressions are very important to your everyday life. They are the basis of how relationships start and how businesses are seen by other people. So how do first impressions affect your business?

Our society is becoming more and more image-based. At your business one of the greatest influences on a customer's first impression is the physical appearance of your workplace. People make assumptions about your business based on what it looks like before they enter your establishment. Impressions and decisions are made within seconds even before you have opened your mouth to speak. Once the assumption about your business has been made, it is very difficult to alter.

Clients are the income source for your business. If they are greeted for the first time by dirty sidewalks covered with chewing gum and soda stains, a parking lot littered with trash and debris, and windows covered with smudge marks and fingerprints it does not create a good first impression of your establishment. Consistently making a strong first impression is essential to gaining new customers and retaining them.

Managing your appearance is an important part of your business. It tells the world that your business cares about its customers. In the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of Image is described
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The process of first impression creation occurs in every new encounter. A positive first impression can make your business more credible. A good or great first impression can create a positive role in the minds of the new customers who come to your business. When they come back as a repeat customer they are often drawn back into this role. A bad impression can leave a bad image of your business and close all opportunities for a customer to return again. Keep up the image of your place of business and stack the odds in your favor. Don't give customers a reason to think that you are not credible or

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