Importance Of Feedback In Learning

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Register to read the introduction… Giving feedback is also important for assessment. The meaning of feedback is an opinion from someone about something that you have done or made(From Cambridge). Feedback is consequence of performance. It is known that feedback essential part of learning .Sometimes feedback is not good for students and sometimes not helpful for them .Even worse they don’t care feedback on assessment. They just care marks .If they were realized importance of feedback, education would better. Dorothy Spiller (2009) explains the importance of feedback. She shows assessment tasks.
As Dorothy summarized ,help clarify what good performance, encourage ‘time and effort’ on challenging learning tasks, deliver high quality feedback information that helps learner self-correct, provide opportunities to act on feedback(to close any gap between current and desired performance),ensure that summative assessment has a positive impact of learning, encourage interaction and dialogue around the learning(peer and teacher student),facilitate the development of self-assesment and reflection in learning. As it can be understood from this good assessment and feedback practice should that

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