English 99 Reflection

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English 99 was a very difficult and the most challenging course I have ever enrolled in. It was also very time consuming, I had to devote many of my hours to my English 99 class. I think it was so challenging, because it was a mixture of two courses in one. The amount of work would have probably been much less if I would have managed my time better. I would do the all of the work I just had a little trouble, but I started to get into study groups to understand the concepts in class more that ended up working well for me. I believe that I deserve the opportunity to be enrolled in English 100. English 99 prepared me so much for the next course level.
I meet the reading criteria, because in class we learned how to identify the main points in
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In class when writing my introduction I would summarize a passage to give some background information about the reading I would take quotes from. I would paraphrase my quotes right after I would incorporate them in order for the reader to understand my point of view of why I picked those quotes. When I would right my in class essays I would manage my time by looking back at the key concepts I had labeled out in my reading log chart, so I wouldn 't waste so much time having to read again during my limited amount of time. Using reading logs when writing is so much easier for me to summarize when needed into my essays.
When distinguishing the readings we would do class discussions. Class discussions help a lot, because we get to understand the points of views of other students in the class. If I wouldn 't understand some quotes from the readings I would understand right after the discussions, because someone was bound to talk about it. My instructor Ms.Trujillo would also help us when we wouldnt understand concepts the author would speak about in the articles. When determining essays it helps when we get into groups, because we discuss the readings to share our perspectives on the

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