Importance Of Diabetes Prevention

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Diabetes Prevention in the United States of America

Diabetes is a very dangerous illness to have and it affects the lives of countless people in the United States on a daily basis. Diabetes can be made aware through the widespread knowledge of what exactly the disease is, how to prevent it, and how to manage it. Prevention is the action of stopping something from happening or arising. Knowing how to prevent something such as diabetes is a very good step towards living a healthy life. Diabetes is a disease that cuts the production of insulin or makes it so that the body cannot get the best possible use out of the insulin that it produces. This disease is a very prevalent issue in the United States. The United States of America
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Managing diabetes and coping with the effects that it has on your life can be taxing on you mentally, and taxing on your physically. Diabetes management requires a proper diet and exercise and the necessary amount of insulin in the form of insulin injections to maintain blood sugar levels when partaking in food consumption. Anders, Sven, and Christiane Schroeter said that “dietary choices driven by environmental and economic factors are of crucial importance. High-quality diets play an important role in diabetes prevention.” (1). with this information it is clear that proper dietary habits are an important aspect of managing …show more content…
Eating properly with a balanced diet and adequate duration of physical activity can provide enormous risk reduction to diabetes. Type one diabetes is generally genetic but can still be obtained without such precautions while type two diabetes is obtained from lack of provided steps. Ryninks, Kirsty has stated that “Management is complex to optimise glycaemic control and reduce long-term complication” (2). This shows that managing the required steps is what is truly necessary to manage and prevent this disease. Diabetes is a disease that is possible to prevent with the right care and the right amount of

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