Importance Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Nursing is a noble job and it is a profession where it attracts those who have natural nurturing abilities. People chose to be a nurse as they have the desire to help and assist others and a knack for science or anatomy. Nursing is known to be an art and science. There are many skills that a nurse would nurture in and one of the most important skills that a successful nurse has is the ability to think critically. Being a nurse for the past twenty six years, I strongly believe that, the ability to gain the skills to think critically is not by overnight. Critical thinking skills are gain by time. I also believe that other healthcare providers often over looked the nurse’s ability to thinking critically and this had been agreed by
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Nurses do gain a lot of knowledge during their practical days in nursing schools. However, those skilled alone will not get a nurse to go far; they need to have the ability to think critically and make a rational decisions. Being a nurse, I believe that the ability to thinking critically is indeed crucial. Nurses do face lots of pressure in their profession and they would struggle as a nurse if they do not have the ability to make quick and efficient decision. It is believed that, some critical thinking skills comes very naturally, meanwhile others are gain, developed and acquired during their nursing student …show more content…
Task nurses need to deal with a wider range of issues to the each patient’s problems, including the complications and improvements as well as annotations to clinical finding and communications with the doctors as well. Here the nurse’s judgment is at the heart of the center care delivered to patients. Clinical decision making, is not done solely by the nurses, it is join decision done by the doctors and other healthcare providers. Therefore, it is essential for nurses to have observational and reasoning skills in order to make sound, reliable clinical decision making. Nurses should be competent in making decisions in order to meet the complicated and ever changing conditions and needs of a patient.

Being a nurse I strongly feel that when a nurse uses critical thinking in her/his daily work, she/he would solve the issues faster and easier and they would make more appropriate decisions for their patients. It is not a denying fact that, decision making about patients care is one of the important roles of nurses and by having critical thinking it would surely help the nurse to make the appropriate decision. It is believe that the main aim of developing critical thinking in nursing is to improve the independent decision making ability by the nurses (Salehi, et. al.

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