Culture Of Respect Summary

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Culture of Respect

According to Linda Inlay, “Creating a culture of respect begins with the internal capacity of teachers and students to be respectful of self and of others” (Inlay). Creating a culture of respect in every classroom, but most importantly in a middle school classroom. Middle schoolers often have a hard time feeling like they belong and are respected. As an educator, the key to building respect is by building a relationship with each and everyone of your students. Once the relationship has been built, then the students will respect you because you took the time to get to know to them as a human being. Linda Inlay talks about how to build a culture of respect in Creating a culture of respect through the implicit curriculum.
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At the school, she worked with Sr. Joan Madden to come up with a program based on respect. The program is called Ho ‘ala, which is Hawaiian for awakening of the self. When creating a culture of respect, it begins with the individuals and the result would be their behaviors. Ho ‘ala is used to organize the school’s implicit curriculum. Implicit curriculum is the unwritten, unofficial, unintended lessons, and the values students learn. The implicit curriculum in this case would be the culture of respect.

Schools can create a culture of respect by establishing the Four R’s. The Four R’s include; responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. Responsibility is the power of the individual and accepting I am the cause not the victim. Respect is the sense of connectedness between people. Resourcefulness is how we work together. Responsiveness is the purpose of why we work together. The Four R’s are the implicit reminders on how to create a culture of
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Teachers need to form a caring relationship with their students in order for the students to see their teachers as their roles and guides. The teachers can serve as advocates for the students when needed. One way of being an advocate would be by listening to their students. Middle schoolers are often blown off because they are just saying words and they do not mean anything. When a teacher listens, he or she can gain valuable information that will help in the student’s learning process. Listening also shows the students you care about them.

A safe and welcoming environment needs to established when listening to the middle schoolers. Students need to know that everyone has an opinion and something to say. We need to respect their opinion and be mindful. It is okay if you do not agree with what one of your peers has to say, but we still need to respect them. Once the safe and welcoming environment has been established, then more middle schoolers will have the courage and confidence to share their ideas and

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