Importance Of CFC Youth

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Register to read the introduction… Hearing those words from this young girl made me ponder. She’d been through many things yet she stayed strong and strived to reach her goals. The “Magandang Buhay” that she is referring to has a deeper meaning for her and she is really making her way to grab it step by step. I prayed for her, thanking God for the healing that “Mae” felt as the years pass by and also asked God to guide her in path to success.

Her innocent smile, her face that reflects her joyful and enduring heart really touched and inspired me. It’s a life changing experience for most of us from the YFC that somehow made our hearts break, made us feel sad but in the end, it was really fulfilling.

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” That is why CFC Youth for Christ presents the A+, an advocacy for education. We are all blessed to be entering proper schools, to study, to have fun but how about those brothers and sisters who can’t even eat a meal each day due to scarcity? It is also for this reason that we as YFCs aim to help our poor brothers and sisters acquire the equal opportunity for good education. As we serve as advocates, we should also be the front liners on an army that is bound for excellence, not only in our studies but also in our families and our service for the

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