Importance Of Baseball

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Having played baseball most of my life taught me dedication, teamwork, and humility; from the game, I acquired a strong work ethic and forged a drive to be successful in all I do. At age fifteen, my baseball career was in jeopardy as I learned I had spondylolysis. This required spending several months in a brace restricted from activity, only to learn that my vertebra required surgery. Being physically impaired proved emotionally challenging. I persevered thanks to several conversations with my surgeon. My emotional health was equally important to him; therefore, he took the time to connect with me. I discovered much about myself as I researched my condition, recuperated, and returned to competition, earning a scholarship to play division one …show more content…
Our camp has a unique tradition we call “putting on the Ritz.” At the end of each night, campers and staff have a spotlighted opportunity to share personal highlights and give thanks. Speaking to the group and revealing emotional thoughts terrified the campers, so very few “put on the Ritz” in the beginning nights of camp. A couple courageous campers relieved the fear that the majority carried. Eventually, “putting on the Ritz” became the treasured moment of everyone’s camp experience because this symbolized a significant victory for each camper after they received acclamation for their bravery and empathy. Hearing how camp has defeated the loneliness that sickness brings or the simple, yet profound, “I had fun” from our youngest camper, are daily reminders to continue to be an advocate for sick children. Camp was incredibly transformative on the kids; with this in mind, it also deeply impacted me. It was heartwarming when campers thanked me for being a reason they had such a great time; likewise, it was rewarding to see the smiles on campers’ faces when I thanked them for something like helping push their friend on their wheelchair, when praise was the last thing they expected. Overly enthusiastic, singer, dancer and the center of attention are words I never imagined would have described me; although, at camp, I became someone who encouraged laughter and joy because of the support from the campers. My personal growth allowed their lives to mold mine as fully and genuinely as possible. I left camp assured that an opportunity as a physician to make a difference and impact those needing care, much like my experiences at camp, is my driving inspiration to become a

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