Importance Of Animals In Zoos

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Wonderful Prisons for Pitiful Animals

Pretty pictures painted on the walls, so many branches placed all around, magnificent creation of the land area; all these can't surpass the feeling when you're at home. Killing His creations unintentionally, forgetting the sense of equality, serving these animals the things which they think they deserve; all these are just revolving around a business. Zoos are educational and nuts but not. How could we even trust zoo proponents if they don't believe in animal rights? Animals should not be kept in zoos because zoo is not a natural habitat, it violates the rights of animals, it is proven that animals have shorter life in zoos than in wildlife and these zoos are not educational but for entertainment only.
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They should be treated like humans, whose life and liberty must be respected. No one ever liked the feeling of being imprisoned. Caged, isolated and deprived by freedom, everyone enjoys looking at them while they suffer from confinement, stress and boredom. Zoo keepers aren’t eager to explain animals’ stress behaviors to us, or they aren’t aware of these signs themselves. Head bobbing, rocking, sitting motionless, biting themselves, pacing backwards and forwards and trunk swaying are the signs of stress and boredom of animals you can actually see in zoos. These behaviors are caused by conditions like boredom, psychoses and depression. Therefore, I can consider zoos as collections of unhappy and interesting animals. They are prevented from doing natural ways and are important to them like roaming, running, flying, climbing, choosing a partner, foraging and being with others of their own …show more content…
Zoos don't provide adequate space for them. Most animals die in zoos because of prematurity. They die because of different atmosphere from the environment they should be living in. Furthermore, they try to escape their enclosures in zoos, endangering themselves as well as people. There are also incidents that zoo animals eat other zoo animals. Moreover, the outright killing of surplus animals is various in zoos. Surplus animals are those who are cute but eventually another cute animals came then they stop from being cute because of overproduction of animals. As I stated, zoos don’t provide enough space for animals, so surplus animals are either killed, fed to fellow zoo habitants or sold to other zoos or dealers. We can find surplus animals sold in the internet. They will eventually go to circuses, pet shops, hunting ranches, exotic meat industries and research facilities. Profitable way of disposing them,

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