Animal Testing Necessary

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Animal testing is the use of nonhuman animals in scientific and medical experimentation. It is a hotly debated topic in the media today. Many people look at the ethics of animal testing, but do not look at the scientific facts. Animal testing is necessary in scientific and medical research at this time. We can use animals in human research because animals and humans have many similarities in their anatomy and physiology (cite). Although at the moment animal testing is necessary in scientific and medical research, it could be abolished in the future with the development of new alternatives. The development of in vitro and in silico methods has opened up new opportunities to abolish animal testing.
A wide array of animals re used as surrogates
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There are many reasons that people believe animal testing is a necessity in modern research. Animal’s biology is very similar to humans, which is why we can use animals for human research. Animals are fundamental to biological and medical research. By researching and experimenting on them, we can learn more about different tissues and organs and how to maintain their health. Animal models help develop new treatments for diseases. Animal models contribute greatly to the development of new medicines, practicing surgical techniques, and developing new ways to prevent diseases. Animals naturally produce substances that can benefit medical research and treatments. Substances like their blood and milk contain hormones, antibodies, and more that can be used in research and medical treatments. Animals are also used to test out new chemicals and drugs to ensure the safety of humans and the environment. Animals and humans have similarities in their genetic makeup. This makes animals a very important part of studying genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy. Scientist have discovered they can alter genes in animals with genetic disorders which has led to the development of treatments for diseases such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. Last, Animals models are used in education to teach students the basic anatomy of humans and animals. Animal models have contributed greatly to many medical advancements in both humans and

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