Literacy Teacher Reflection

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An effective literacy teacher possesses an array of strategies to create a literary environment that foments many reading opportunities that allow students to development as readers (Tompkins, 2010). Reading teachers should be able to assess student’s abilities, interpret the data, and use the data to implement successful strategies to enhance the reading abilities of all the learners in the classroom. As a teacher becomes an expert and understands how students develop as readers, the instructor will be able to implement successful lesson that can guarantee reading improvements. Throughout this paper, I will reflect and explain my development as reading teacher. I will exemplify how my insight of reading instruction has progressed during my …show more content…
Presently, I am confident in my ability to expand the critical perspective of reading by integrating various of activities that prompt students to respond and interact with the text. Likewise, I think that my ability to implement technology as a resource to augment literacy in the classroom is proficient. On the other hand, I still have plenty of areas to improve as a literacy teacher. For example, I would like to have more tools help struggling readers acquire fluency and decoding skills. Also, I would like to enrich my ability to create a more cohesive reading schedule for a balanced literacy classroom.
We are obligated to provide all learners with the best opportunities to achieve. Teachers need to ensure that their practices are geared to support all students. For this reason, teachers should always seek for opportunities to learn and acquire research-based strategies that are conducive to students’ success. Excellent teachers do not develop full-blown at graduation, nor are they just “born teachers”. Instead, teachers are always in the process of “becoming” (Nieto, 2003). It is through this evolution of continues learning that teachers can provide effective strategies that improve students ' reading

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