Psychology Short Term Goals

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The reason I chose the area of psychology is a little complex. When preparing for college all I knew was that I wanted a career that allowed me to help others, presented a new challenge every day, and interested me enough to make me excited to go to work for the rest of my life. Psychology did not cross my mind until my senior year when I realized that the most satisfaction I got was when I helped counsel my peers as a member of my school’s peer counseling organization. Psychology definitely met the criteria for the need to help others, but I worried that it may not meet the other criteria I desired in a potential career. At Labette Community College I discovered that psychology definitely met all the criteria. The diversity and constant knowledge …show more content…
First, I want to contact and apply to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America in Pittsburg, Kansas to start volunteering as a big sister within the next six months. I feel like this goal is specific as it names the specific organization as role I desire when I start volunteering. The goal is measurable based on first contacting, then getting an application, and finally how I move through the application process during the time I allowed myself. The attainability of the goal is there because it allows me time to get the application process done while still managing my school work and other personal commitments. I feel like the goal is relevant to where I am trying to go as the need for community service is one of the experiential requirements I have yet to complete in order to get into graduate school. The goal is time-bound as I have set a time limit on the goal of six months. My second goal is to maintain my 4.0 grade point average throughout this semester. The goal is specific with stating the exact grade point average I want. The goal is measurable as I can visually see how the grades I make affect my grade point average and I know that the semester ends December 16th, 2016 so I have a deadline to ensure that may grades are in place to have a 4.0 grade point average appear on my transcript. In regards to attainability I believe that the goal is attainable I have complete high school and two years of college already and been able to maintain this grade point average and as long as I maintain my same work ethic and ask for help when needed I see nothing stopping me from continuing to have a 4.0 grade point average. The relevance of the goal is there since I need the best grade point average I can get when applying to graduate schools. As previously state the semester ends December 16th, 2016; therefore, the goal is time-bound as there is a definitive date in which to

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