Essay about Implementing Change Through Professional Development

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Tommy Sickels

Implementing Change through Professional Development

July 11, 2012

As an assignment to reorganize this learning organization to be a more professional learning community there will be numerous suggestions submitted that will make this change happen. Even though these changes will cause a great deal of pain and discomfort in some, overall the goals of this plan are to move the organization to the next level and make us a more acceptable educational institution. Hopefully, this will strengthen our capacity and we will be able to grow substantially because of these changes. As you may or may not know, the basis of many of these changes will be taken from
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Their ability to practice their craft in a professional manner is considered a PLC, professional learning community. (DuFour, 2006)

A professional learning community is a team or group of teams working interdependently to attain a general goal that members grasp themselves mutually responsible toward. (Dufour, 2006) Teams are the primary foundation of professional learning communities. PLC is considered effective, high functioning teams that frequently engage in teamwork through job related opportunities that help build upon and expand shared knowledge of many of the team members. Collaboration is an organized process in which educators work together in order to study the impact of what their educational practice has revealed in a manner to advance student learning. (DuFour, 2006)
Within a PLC, collaboration concentrates very important pieces of the process to include; issues teachers must know in order to be able to maintain the learning process. Ability to understand students have learned a concept. The crucial lessons a student should know. Interventions needed when students cannot learn a concept. Professional learning concepts needed to engage learning. In order for PLC to be successful there must be collaboration in learning teams, teachers, administrators and all stakeholders within the system. Teaching teams that support collaboration employ collective inquiry in their daily performance by doing the following; evaluating

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