Impact On An Unforgettable Memory

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Hale Interview:
Unforgettable memory: when i was called to go out in between the weight room and common because there was a problem so i grab my radio and i ask mr shipley because it was after school and there was no here, just me, so i go out the back doors and there 's a pirate ship! Well it 's a pick-up truck that someone built a pirate ship, and it looked just like a pirate ship, and the whole staff was in the pirate ship,and there was a brass plaque with my name on it, and it said u.s.s. Hale was painted on the back. I started to cry and I was crying and hugging then they had some apple cider and it looked like champagne so I was drinking the champagne. It was unforgettable, that was unforgettable yea.
Who has the biggest impact on your
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Whoo, boy my whole time here has been unforgettable. No well one thing that has been burned into my mind I think, something that happened my first year here at phoenix high school, actually my first month at Phoenix HIgh School, it was after school, the bell had just rang for the end of the day, students are walking through the hallways, and i 'm in the hallway outside of my classroom close to the welding shop, and there’s a big commotion going on. I hear all these students yelling and screaming and pointing out the hallway and kids are running down the hallway out to the parking lot and someone yelled there 's a fight and this is probably my third week on campus and so you know it 's part of my job to break up a fight if I can and so I run out into the parking lot and there was this big huge circle of students right outside of the welding shop and in the middle of the circle are four students squaring off all girls. Two girls on one side, two girls on the other side, getting ready to fight, their boyfriends are standing behind them like trying to pull them back and saying “don’t fight! Don 't fight!” and so here i am three weeks on campus, my first year teaching, and I got right in the middle and I’ve got my hands out trying to hold them back, like trying to talk them down from the ledge, and i would turn [one] way and try to talk those two down from the fight and turn [the other] way and i 'm doing this back and forth and the whole confrontation …show more content…
Not only was she a new math teacher here at Phoenix she also taught a variety of different classes throughout the year ranging from Algebra, Leadership, and Health. Ms.Flores says that, “the best memory [she’s] had this year is playing with the basketball girls and blocking them any chance that [she] got.” “My words of advice are to get to class on time so that you don 't have lunch detention,” shares Mrs.Flores for future students. Later in the year, during basketball season, she would face a tastes of irony as she shares an embarrassing moment. “My most embarrassing moment was getting blocked by Lindsey Burns during one of our basketball practices,” said coach

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