Impact Of Technology In Ww1

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World War I introduced to the world many new articles to the field of technology. Although technology today is more advanced than in WWI, technology thrived during WWI to meet the ever changing needs of the crisis, accordingly, WWI had a big impact on the technology in the present. World War I pushed for headways in the realm of medicinal services, made new strategies for offense and guard, and finally, affected the innovation of the present day. The introduction of prosthetics helped give soldiers the ability to move once more and with the invention of the x-ray, injures on the front lines became noticeable. Tanks created a safe way to travel and with the establishment of biological warfare, battles were changed forever. Lastly, WWI left a …show more content…
Assuredly, World War I was the turning point in modern day technology.
Good healthcare is a commodity of the present day. Many rely on advancements in the field to improve ones health. Firstly, in WWI, prosthetics were introduced to aid soldiers who had a limb severed on the front line. Machine Design states “To help these men regain their mobility and potentially return to work in some capacity, research and development was quickly devoted to prosthetics” and this shows contextual proof that the introduction of prosthetics was important during WWI as it gave soldiers who became disabled during the war to come back home and work without being stopped by losing a limb.This goes to show that the establishment of prosthetics was significant in WWI because it allowed soldiers a way to get back into their normal life after losing a limb. Next, The Great War was also the stage where the x-ray machine got its début. CTV News declared “Radium discoverer and Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie organized a campaign to turn cars into X-ray vans to help scan wounds at the front.” which demonstrates that fighting on the front line was dependent on x-ray machines because identifying an injury quickly was vital to a soldiers survival. With the addition of the x-ray to healthcare, soldiers lives were saved as nurses were able to see a visual of the injury
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Both the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente committed financial and workforce investments into advancing these areas for better and stronger performance on the front lines. Ironically, the medical advancements helped soldiers recover and survive whereas the warfare technology advancements created more casualties, creating a cycle where one fed into the other. If World War III arrived, what advancements could one expect

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