Immigration Position Paper

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Immigration: A Time for Reform & Reevaluation
By Ricardo Cerna
Devry University / January 2012 / English 112

Immigration reform is the old yet new revitalized hot topic being discussed in the media which will not seem to fade away from the spot light despite its drawbacks. The reality of that ongoing debate is that this country, and the State of California in particular, was founded by immigrants fleeing an oppressive government, yet this same country and state now oppress immigrants fleeing from similar situations trying to reestablish new lives within its borders. We cannot forget where we originated from and the foundation this great nation and state was built upon. In this age of progressive thinkers, it is time to
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Believe it or not immigrants do this. Only to realize when you obtain your educational goals that even though with such a degree and training, due to the fact that a person with such educational background was not born in this country and is legally considered an “illegal alien”, he or she will not be allowed to put into place their education and training. That same graduate of a prestigious law school or with a license in nursing or medicine will never be allowed to put into practice their trade due to a simple piece of paper that they are unable to obtain for no fault of their own. It is not this person’s fault that as an infant their parents brought them “illegally” to this great nation and state in pursuit of a better life. How is this different than when this nation’s forefathers fled from across the pond in pursuit of freedom and a better life for ones’ family? Well, for years and until November of 2012, with the passing of “The DREAM ACT (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors)”, this was the reality for thousands of students.
For anyone not aware of the DREAM Act, it is basically defined as “The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, also called the DREAM Act, it is a bill last introduced into Congress on March 26, 2009. Its purpose is to give undocumented students a chance at becoming permanent residents. The bill provides students with a path to citizenship regardless of the status

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