Imc Plan Essay

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Deepak Tiwari
(IMC Plan)
Executive Summary

The intention of this Integrated Marketing Plan is to assist Red Bull to spread its wings across the country, eliminate the threat from competitors and increase sales. The IMC plan uses all the available media channels to promote the brand throughout the year because of the market needs. The Red Bull Company cannot afford to stop advertising any given time of the year and thus it has to have good and effective marketing plans to lure the customers. The chances of customers shifting to other competitors are high and thus Red Bull should use this marketing plan to develop loyal customers.
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Moreover, the Company fails to target women, teenagers and senior citizens because of the ingredients and that the Company only operates under one single brand and is perceived to above average prices. The world is inclining towards healthy lifestyle where Red Bull isn’t targeting.

SWOT Analysis
1. The top brand in energy drinks.
2. Stronghold in Germany, UK and US.
3. Partnership with Cadbury for distribution.
4. Supply chain is strong.
5. The Company ‘Red Bullies’ the energy drinks industry across the world.
6. Effective Marketing Campaigns.
7. High Brand Image

1. The Company is private and thus generating cash cows in difficult for international and internal expansions as compared to publicly limited competitors.
2. Lack of Diversification
3. If demand in energy drinks drops, the Company would not survive.
4. High prices
5. Single brand and lack of innovation
6. The recipe is not patented and hence duplication is possible.
7. Doesn’t suit the needs of teenagers, women and seniors.
8. Health related controversies affected the brand image
9. Not understanding the health-concerned market.

1. The opportunity to introduce less sugar and low calorie drinks for health concerned consumers.
2. Lowering the prices for gaining scale of economies.
3. Introducing packs with larger size but same prices.
4. Lot of development in the Australian market
5. Red Bull is

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