Illegal Immigration Is The United States Essay

1020 Words Oct 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Noel Merino in his research found that approximately one-fourth of federal prisons in the United States are filled with illegal immigrants, and many more make up the State’s prisons as well. This statistic should really concern United States citizens, especially knowing that there is a constantly increasing number of illegal immigrants that are pouring over the border everyday, as well as not knowing who they are or their background. The United States needs to act on this issue now, and start putting solutions to resolve this extremely important issue. The United States also needs to look into how it will affect the future for the upcoming generations when creating a solution, and make sure it will benefit them and not end up hurting them in the long run. The citizens of the United States should always be America’s first priority, which is why they need a solution to the harm illegal immigration brings. Illegal immigration is one of America’s greatest harms because it demolishes the United States economy by increasing the deficit, and the amount, as well as cost of crime from illegal immigrants putting United States citizens at risk. Illegal immigration is has been and is still increasing the United States deficit, which is already outrageously high. Also, keep in mind as these statistics that are stated that these are United States taxpayers money being spent on non U.S. citizens. Robert Rector and Jason Richwine mention that households headed by an individual without a…

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