Identifying Three Hrm Strategies and Policies and Its Impact on a Company’s Competitive Strategy

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An organization is built with a good team of working professional with the support of Human Resource Management which performs key function such as recruiting the right people and remunerate their salaries accordingly. Human resource management plays an important support activity of an organization’s value chain in order to sustain in a competitive environment.

The term value chain has been incorporated by Michael Porter (1985) in his book “Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance”, in which he described value chain as a series of activities that the organization to adapt sustainable growth in a competitive business environment. In this analytical paper, the author will analyse his current employer’s human
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One of the human resource strategies in this company is its emphasis of recruitment. Human talent is the most sought after commodity and the process of searching and attracting talent is at the heart of every company. The human resource department have to employ the right employee from the office staff to the front line personnel dealing with clients.

OES recruitment practise is a part of complex war for talents amongst its competitors as the quality of our services comes straight from the field inspectors that conduct the services for their clients. The end product is the inspection reports which are solely based on the field report conducted by a competent inspector. Client satisfaction on the services OES provided depends very much on the quality and technical competencies of the field inspectors.

In OES, it delegates the recruitment process of front line staff to its line managers. Such line managers in OES used to be a front line staff and they are promoted within the company. With years of experience and technical competencies from working in the field, the line manager understands the job scope and its requirement very well. Line manager plays a pivotal role in recruitment and development of staff.

In this organization, line managers are able to design the job scope and responsibilities for field staff as they understand the industry or client’s needs and standards. From reviewing curriculum vitae from

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