Identifying The Child 's Strengths And Weaknesses Essay examples

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1. An assessment aims to identifying the child’s strengths and weaknesses, develop a language profile of the child, determine concerns, and helps determine next steps. Through assessments the clinician can gather specific language details such as Amelia’s receptive and expressive language, word/sound productions, word combinations, and play skills. Amelia’s assessment (a) will include a standardized test (direct interaction with the child), a language sample, parent questionnaires (direct interaction with parents), and observations at home or during daily routines (observation of child with caregivers and within natural activities) (Crais, 2011). Informal aspects of the assessment will occur during observations of Amelia in the home during play or daily routines with caregivers. During this time a language sample will be collected and analyzed. Formal aspects of the assessment will be structured activities, the clinician would administer a standardized test, in Amelia’s case, the clinician would use the PLS-5. The PLS-5 assesses the expressive and receptive language of children between birth to six years old via play-based techniques. Also, the parents will be asked to fill out the MacArthur CDI. This measure relies on parent report about the child’s use of words and gestures in the form of a questionnaire and/or checklists. Also, due to numerous ear infections and PE tubes, a hearing screening (immittance and pure tones) will be performed to assess quality of outer and…

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