Essay On Nursing Informatics

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Identify areas of improvement, including an explanation of how you determined your need to improve.
The first area of nursing that I can improve on would be nursing informatics. I have spent so much time working on my nursing skills that I have not yet written one note during clinicals. This causes a lack of communication and with no formal education on how we should be charting I sometimes feel lost. I realized that this was a problem when I went to start charting because this was the first clinical I have had computer access and realized that I am very far behind.
The second area of nursing that I can improve on is patient safety. I have noticed that sometimes I am not able to properly distinguish the different types of breathing patterns and how to identify
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ART: After doing research and listening to different breath sounds online I should Identify all different breath sounds and what they should look like on 10/15/16 and should be above 80% accuracy and shold be above 95% accuracy by 11/04/16.

Nursing Informatics (NI)
S: Charting with the nurse to identify what needs to be charted, why, and what does or doesn’t need to be charted along with different areas to chart for different situations.
M: This will be measureable by the percent of charting that I independently do without any assistance or with how much assistance I need.
ART: By 10/10/16 I should be writing notes and charting with direct assistance and moderate coaching of what to chart and why while providing what is mandatory and what is not. By 10/25/16 I should be charting with my preceptor not helping me deciding what I am charting on but checking my accuracy. By 11/30/16 I should be charting and writing notes with only standby assist.
9/14/16 C, PS, NI - Realized that my clinical skill regarding charting, patient safety, and communication were not where they should

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