Essay on Identification Of The Problem Of Liberty Elementary School

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Identification of the Problem Liberty Elementary School was considered a darling school district with a high academic achievement when the school was initially erected in the 1960’s. Over the past 15 years, the surrounding urban community began to undertake a drastic change; families began to migrate to suburbs and with the construction of government housing within the community and increasing poverty levels, the student population shifted. Students attending Liberty Elementary School are now from a diverse background, which brought more challenges to the school, including a decrease of standardized assessment scores and a high mobility rate.
Principal Yewe, a first-year administrator with a history of raising student academic outcomes across diverse populations, was hired to improve the academic achievement levels at the school. The previous principal, Dr. Runmuck was considered abrasive and demanding of the staff and had departed the school with staff morale at a pivotal low. During Dr. Runmuck’s short two-year tenure, she pushed for implementation of balanced literacy instruction but provided her team with little professional development or guidance. Due to lack of structure or support, the staff did not adopt a structured reading curriculum or method of instruction, and what was left was a hodge-podge of strategies and dismal direction. Parents were becoming more vocal about their displeasure with the school. Most of the families were working class and had…

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