IFG Marketing Strategy

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Innovation in information technology with social media prospective
When there is proven method of conducting business then there are horizons of innovation are alive all the time. The innovation and creative ideas provide a key role in driving both future as well as real-time success into the core strategies of International Food Group. Marketing is a particularly targeted out of these strategies in real terms.
The use of technology at IFG aims to reach its customers in three new ways:
 The company should direct connection with its customer’s regarding the new product development ideas. This connection should closely interact with company’s website where there is maintain a real time response without any delay.
 The company has to reach
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In this regards, team can focus on various core issues like perspective, styles of thinking, expertise, experience, advantageous differences in culture.
Always stay flexible and look at the future
By showing flexibility towards new ideas can keep innovation alive in the marketing strategy of the IFG. Flexibility also provides a great way to keep the new creative ideas flowing all the time. Always keep your eyes open on the marketing trends of the organization and always prepared yourself for their action or change.
Encourage contribution of all
Let everyone to contribute in providing new ideas even they are not the member of your marketing department. These employees can provide different types of innovative ideas in order to reach your targeted audience. Make it sure that everyone in the company has the opportunities to share his or her thinking in an unbiased safe environment.
Track Progress of your
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This will not only enhance their knowledge but also helps them out in generating new ideas with the knowledge they already have. IFG needs to encourage such an environment within the organization that support and create platform of innovative ideas. Such environment should invite all employees of company to hunt up new creative ideas regarding the products or services. There is a dilemma in the marketing strategies that these are layered on top and discouraged it at lower levels. Instead the marketing leadership needs to foster such an environment of innovation at lower levels that creates new products, new services and new audience or customers. To control these obstacles in the way of effective marketing apply following capabilities:
Create marketing innovation internally: It involves data analytics which generate new ideas of understanding customers’ insights and provide ability for marketers to address overall needs of customers in a creative way. For a successful marketer there is need of right proportion of analytical skills as well as creativity.
Make collaboration with customers of the company. Resolve the problems faced by customers in a cooperative way and encourage them to give healthy feedbacks and reviews regarding their support. It will further attract potential customers. It will not only build trust with customers but it also strengthens the relationships of IFG with

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