I Was The Best Detective Essay

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I was sitting In a dark room, like a cell. I could hear faint voices arguing outside. It had been seven days since I had heard from the task force, I am the head of a task force. I was the best detective in the world. But I should not brag, I should listen, find a way out. I had to thin. If I waited for the guard to come, no if I did that I don 't think I could get out of these chains. I had to wait to get moved, if I ever did get moved. There is a five percent chance of me getting moved, but I still had other ways to get out. Everyone in the 6 man task force had to wear a belt. The belt they have to wear has a very strong, long distance phone signal. It is undetectable by anything unless you were to take it apart. But that won 't happen, why would you take apart my belt? The chances of them doing that is a good three percent to four percent chances. So I made up my mind.
I waited till feeding time, which only happens twice per day. Once I got my food I pressed the button on the belt. Once the signal goes out it is untraceable by anyone except for the task force. It was a long shot, but, the thing might not even work, but I think the signal went through. An hour had past and I started to doubt myself, I am very childish and I hate to lose. Then I heard a helicopter above and a two five man squad approached my cell. They breached the cell door and helped me up and said,
“We have got to move!” the squad leader said, he was right we had to move. If any more people knew what I…

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