I Was So Depressed And Drank All The Time Essay

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I was so depressed and drank all the time. I did not know what to do with myself. Medication was not working and the kids were on vacation with their dad and his new pole slinging bi$%^. I was full of bitterness, anger, resentment, depression and alcohol. I decided that cutting my wrist would be the smart thing to do. Not so much. That stupidity landed me in Green Oaks. Oh my, what have I done now?! I was there around twenty-four hours and they realized I did not belong there either. After all that had gone down I decided to get back into my Christian counselor. I started working with her once a week. Then the kids and I decided to complete our remodel of the house which led to hiring a painter to paint the outside of the house and build on a patio covering and pour more cement. I still drank almost every day, which kept leading me to make poorer decisions. I got involved with the contractor a couple of times and became pregnant.
At first, I was completely devastated, ashamed and totally lost with what to do. The day after I found out I quit drinking and smoking completely, cold turkey as they say. I did not have withdrawals like most with the shaking and being sick but my emotions were all over the place. I went into a deep depression with bouts of emotions and easily irritated. I met with my counselor to tell her and we made plans to tell my kid’s first and then bring in my mom to tell her. I was terrified to tell all three. Gracesyn, my daughter,…

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