I Was Never For Reading Essay

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Throughout my many years of schooling I have found that I was never one for reading. Truthfully I have only read a handful of books in my life, most of which I never bothered to finish. I’ve always seen this part of me as ironic. I couldn 't stand reading, but I was always placed in honors english classes. At one point in my life I even had aspirations to become an author. In order for me to be interested in any type of reading material, I have found it has to be taboo or morally questioning. It has to spark my attention and make myself ask questions. Finding reading material like this is exceptionally hard for me, so reading can often times become displeasing. I have yet to find a true process in reading difficult material. Naturally if I find I’m not interested in the writing, I’ll just skim over the words. I do this mainly because it all translates to word mush in my brain anyway. If I’m not interested it won’t stick in my thoughts, so what’s the use of spending so much of my time reading it? I do most of my writings at night, I feel my mind is most active around then and things become easier to get out of my head. I’ll open up my computer to a word document and then turn on my tv and some music. I’ll get distracted every 20 minutes from my paper and I 'll spend hours typing one assignment, however, this is the only way I find writing bearable. I start out my writing process by brainstorming different ideas on how to go about the paper. Then I move onto specific things I…

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