I Was A Little Girl Essay

1042 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 null Page
Growing up, everyone has some sort of obstacles. “If we choose to see the obstacles in our path as barriers, we stop trying… However, if we choose to see the obstacles as hurdles, we can leap over them” (Carson). My mom always told me “If at first you do not succeed, try and try again.” I never really understood that phrase when I was a little girl. I do however understand it now. A lot of people just quit when they face problems. I was the same way. Growing up I decided that it was impossible for me to overcome certain situations, and I wanted to give up. Thankfully, my mom was there to support me, just like Ben Carson’s mother supported him. Some of the obstacles that I had to face in my life were I could not talk for a really long time; I had trouble with math, and I had a lot of health problems. The first problem I had as a child was that I could not talk for a really long time. I was the second child, and my brother started talking pretty early. When I reached the age when my brother started talking, and I still could not talk, my parents started getting worried. My parents never understood what I would try to tell them because I could not talk. This was a real inconvenience not only to my parents but to me as well. Also my brother would blame me for everything even if I did not do anything. I remember once I was lying on the couch, and my brother went and opened the window. When my mother came in and asked who opened the window, my brother told her that it was me.…

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